Business Intelligence Reporting

Monitor and analyze your shipping costs

BI Reporting_Zusatzmodul

With the Business Intellegince Reporting you can analyze and break down the detailed shipping costs for all carriers at any time.

  • Transparent analysis
  • Real time data
  • Carrier independent reporting
  • Appealing and functional charts
  • Intelligent shipping analysis
  • Unique level of details
  • Ideal basis for negotiations
  • Independent data
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100% transparency

With the BI Reporting and the controlling integration LetMeShip Solutions creates unique transparency for your companies shipping. This transparency lets you enhance strategic decissions, e.g. shifting towards a cheaper method of shipping (from Express to Standard), changing the carrier or general strenght in negotiations with carriers.

Real time data

Use grafic real time reports in 3 levels of details. With ready to use widgets you can always have an overview of you shippings. The generated reports and graphics can be integrated into your own presentations.


Office Solution

Web-based multi-carrier booking platform at an office workstation

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Cloud Solution

Cloud-based multi-carrier interface as web-application-programming-interface

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Warehouse Solution

Localy installed multi-carrier-software at warehouse packing-station

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