Invoice controlling

Uniform accounting for all carriers


With the accounting module you can harmonize your invoices and make accounting easier.

  • Harmonized inoivces
  • Reducing process costs
  • Reproduce internal structures
  • Free choice of carrier
  • Transparent cost control
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LetMeShip processes your incoming invoices and sends you an uniform unvoice. Digital formats are possible as well.

Reproducing internal structures

The LetMeShip system can take your internal structures into account. Up to 4 individual reference fields can be displayed on your invoice (cost center, project account, client number, business unit, etc.)

Oversee cost development

Easy cost control within the LetMeShip application.

Reducing process costs

The process costs for controlling can be reduced by up to 40%

Eliminate Lock-In effect

Choose your carrier indepent of invoice formats.


Office Solution

Web-based multi-carrier booking platform at an office workstation

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Cloud Solution

Cloud-based multi-carrier interface as web-application-programming-interface

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Warehouse Solution

Localy installed multi-carrier-software at warehouse packing-station

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