Personal customer service

One contact person for all your shipment handling


The customer service module provides you with a contact person for all your shipment handling issues. There is no need for you to use carrier hotlines anymore.

  • One contact person
  • Special Services Desk
  • Claim handling
  • Carrier indepenent
  • Individual consulting for your shipping
  • Help, Tipps & Tricks
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One contact person

You get the direct extension of your personal customer service consultant. Hours of talking to carrier hotlines become obsolete.


After reporting a claum to us, we directly contact the carrier and solve the problem as fast as possible.

Individual consulting

We can provide you advice for questions of packaging, shipping type, special services shipments, dangerous goods and much moire.

Special shipping

You can proccess special shipping through your customer consultant. We request offer of different customers without obligation.

Carrier independent

No matter which carrier you choose for your shipment, we are the central contact point ffor questions and claims.

Help, Tipps & Tricks

We gladly assist you with all questions regarding shipping.


Office Solution

Web-based multi-carrier booking platform at an office workstation

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Cloud Solution

Cloud-based multi-carrier interface as web-application-programming-interface

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Warehouse Solution

Localy installed multi-carrier-software at warehouse packing-station

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