About us

LetMeShip Solutions – a strategic partnership on the road to success

2013 LetMeShip Solutions emerged from a strategic partnership between the first web-based multi-carrier booking platform LetMeShip Online www.letmeship.com and the software company SGS Griep Meerwinck GmbH www.sgs-software.de.
At the “Transfairlog” exhibition 2012 in Hamburg the CEO’s Mark Winkelmann and Björn Sandkamp met for the first time. Together they quickly developed approaches in the area of multi-carrier shipping and the idea of a strategic partnership was born.

Team LetMeShip Solutions

Business objective

From the beginning a demand for a solution to handle huge shipping volumes and complex shipping structures became apparent in discussions with customers and partners. Out of this LetMeShip Solutions developed – A Multi-carrier shipping system to optimize shipping processes and reduce costs.

Objective of the cooperation is to enhance shipping processes with the proven SGS software “System 5100” and the know-how of the web based multi-carrier shipping platform LetMeShip. The result has become LetMeShip Solutions, the Multi-carrier shipping solution – from office shipping to warehouse shipping.

Since 2004 Cargo Pool Switzerland uses a version of the LetMeShip Solutions application. Since 2011 the application is further developed together with pilot customer “Alstom Deutschland”.


The synergistic effects of a strategic partnership are clearly recognizable for LetMeShip Solutions. ITA Shipping and SGS both have many years of experience in the field of multi-carrier shipping. Combining the knowledge of booking platform and shipping software enables LetMeShip Solutions to offer IT-shipping systems for various customers. Independent from the number of shipments – from 1 to more than 20.000 per day – the shipment will take the best route to the end customer. The objective: All carriers integrated into one system and integrated into existing shipping processes.

By moving into shared offices in May 2014 the partnership is continuously extended and the cooperation is strengthened.

Advantages of LetMeShip Solutions

The individual shipping system LetMeShip Solutions optimizes and simplifies complex shipping structures. It makes the processing of all carriers possible, independent from location or shipping system. For the carrier independent IT-shipping process from office, warehouse or the online shop backend more than 40 carriers are compared by the system. Afterwards the shipment is automatically booked, labeled and invoiced. Interfaces connect LetMeShip Solutions to ERP-systems, address management tools, online shop systems, thermal printers and scales.

All relevant information such as shipping data, address data, status information stay within a closed data cycle. There are no system breaks necessary. The shipping is completely independent from the type of package (document to pallet), the location (office, warehouse, online shop), the number of shipments (1 to more than 20.000 per day) and the method of shipping (Express, Standard, SameDay, haulier etc.).

The customer specific implementation is customized based on your existing business-processes and system. No matter whether its via web-application, stationary software or in the cloud for the web shop – LMS offers the perfect solution for all your shipping requirements.